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GIE Marketing - Branding and Digital Marketing

GIE Marketing, driving results through world-class branding and digital marketing services. At GIE Marketing, we strive for excellence in all our services. The quality of our services speaks for itself across state lines. Our digital marketing professionals are experts in services including integrated lead generation campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses, social media campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and digital marketing campaigns.

Our branding specialists are professionals in branding, responsive website design, website hosting, e-commerce website design, optimization of website performance based on an attribution model, and mobile apps. GIE Marketing is a one-stop site for all your branding and digital marketing services. We give you an online presence and ensure that your online presence is visible to your target clients and everything on your website is optimized to ensure you rank top on search engines.


In 2017, Maria S. Martinez created GIE Marketing in Washington, DC. Our main objective as a company is to ensure that our clients get the best digital marketing to enable their companies to gain traction and look smart. Maria S. Martinez believes that good marketing makes the company look smart.

While providing our services, we ensure that we live by that goal. Over the years, our reviews speak for us. We have returning and new clients who can attest that we don’t disappoint anyone seeking our services.


A company is as good as the team that works for it. GIE Marketing is home to all our experts. From the Owner Maria S. Martinez to the delivery team, we work together to ensure that we meet our clients’ objectives and deliver the best quality to all our clients. GIE Marketing branding and digital marketing experts work together on every project that requires digital marketing and branding services.

We offer consultation services to our clients and walk with them throughout the journey to ensure that everything is a success. 


Why should you contact GIE Marketing? GIE Marketing is the solution to all your branding and digital marketing questions. We offer all branding services like the creation of mobile apps and company websites. Additionally, we offer all forms of digital marketing, including integrated B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns, social media campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and Google display ads. Our support team is always online to respond and issue solutions to all branding and digital marketing-related issues. You can also reach us through our company’s physical address:

3135, GoldCliff Circle
Washington, DC 20017